Six on Saturday

It really hasn’t been the weather for taking photographs!  Still here are a few for this week.

1  Chatsworth House Christmas Tree

Glynis's Chatsworth House Christmas Tree

One of our group members visited Chatsworth, and took a picture of this lovely Christmas tree decorated with orchids.  Gorgeous.

2  Grow your own!

Glynis's Home mushroom kit

Grow your own mushroom kit!  This gardener is looking at some sumptuous mushroom recipes.  Yum.

3  Delayed autumn colour

Pauline's Greenwich Park.jpg

One of our gardeners  took a trip the Greenwich Park, and snapped this image.  I’ve had it for a couple of weeks (as well as the next one) because I only had 2 images to post, and had to wait for some more.  Sorry!

4  More delayed autumn colour

Pauline's Wathwood Drive Swinton A

What a colourful garden, snapped by one of our gardeners.

5  Leycesteria formosa ‘Gold Leaf’

Jo's Leycesteria formosa golden 2.jpg

This was taken in my garden a couple of hours ago, so the leaves are hanging on in there.

Jo's Leycesteria formosa golden.jpg

It has languished in a pot for several years, hardly growing and never flowering.  This year, it has put up some large, strong canes, with flowers and berries (uneaten as yet by any pheasants), so it’s either the constant rain that it likes or, more likely, the roots have pushed down into the concrete and I’ll need a sharp spade to get the pot up.  It’s supposed to come true from seed, so I’ll gather some berries for my groups of gardeners to have a go at.

6  Phormium ‘Platt’s Black’

Jo's Phormium Platt's Black.jpg

Another of mine.  This, too, languished in a pot for some time before going into one of the borders.  The experts say height and spread one metre.  It may not look like it there, but this plant, after three seasons in the border, is now almost as tall as me, and I’m definitely more than a metre!  Decisions, decisions…  Shall I leave it there, and risk having to get a JCB if it needs moving?  Shall I move it up to the orchard now, where it can’t get in anyone’s way?  I can feel myself dithering.




One thought on “Six on Saturday”

  1. New Zealand flax was a fad years ago. It was also so simple to grow that we procured stock plants to grow some while the fad lasted. Gophers like it too. They got much of what we grew. It was not all that simple anyway.


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