Six on Saturday

At least it isn’t raining!  Perhaps that’s why I have a wonderful crop of pictures from the gardening groups for this Six on Saturday.

1  Wreaths

Glynis's Hydrangea wreath 1.jpg

This is the first wreath of hydrangea heads made by our super-artistic gardener.  Brilliant!

Glynis's cemetery wreath A

And here, from the same gardener, a gorgeous home-made wreath to take to the cemetery.

2  Cakes!

Just to show that the gardening groups are multi-talented folk, just look at these Christmas cakes!  Yum

Glynis's cake 1a


Glynis's cake 2a

3  Hangers-on

I was checking out these late-hanging apples – they don’t usually stay on the tree as late as this – when I saw a different sort of hanger-on.  A cheeky blackbird!  Now, why did he want to wrestle with a fruit still on the tree, when there are still many, many on the ground around the other trees?

Cheeky blackbird

4  Bulbs

These are Dutch Iris ‘Blue Magic’, only planted at the end of September.  They’re certainly getting a move on.  The white label in the centre is held in place by a ground staple, my new go-to kit to stop cheeky blackbirds from tossing the labels around.

Dutch iris Blue Magic in December

5  Rose ‘Lichfield Angel’

The rabbits have started destroying my new David Austin roses again, so they’ve all been caged again (the roses, not the rabbits which would at least be good for rabbit stew).  Some of them, the unrabbited ones, are still full of buds.  This is pale peachy pink ‘Lichfield Angel’, still with a hint of fragrance.  In summer, it’s much paler than this – almost creamy white.

Rose Lichfield Angel

6  More from Chatsworth House

Here are a couple more images from Christmas at Chatsworth.  The theme this year is travel and faraway lands.

Glynis's Chatsworth 1b

This room is Spain.

Glynis's Chatsworth 2b

This room is Japan.

Thanks for sending in the images – keep them coming!

If you want to take part in Six on Saturday, go to the guy who initiated this idea: