Six on Saturday

You could be forgiven for thinking that Spring has Sprung, looking at the weather today.  Even this far north, we’re promised temperatures of around 15C.  So, let’s see what the gardening groups have come up with – I think it’s a lovely little haul of images.

1   AlnmouthGlynis's driftwood on Alnmouth beach A

This gardener had a brief break away – and look at this super piece of driftwood washed up on Alnmouth beach.

2  Ready for Spring

Glynis's Plastic labels from contact lens fluid bottle A

A bit of recycling here – these labels have been made from the bottles containing contact lens fluid.

3  It isn’t Spring without snowdrops

Glynis's Sam Arnott snowdrops 2 AGlynis's Sam Arnott snowdrops A

And while cutting up those bottles, here was something nice to look at – lovely snowdrops.  At the top, Sam Arnott bulking up nicely from  a few newly planted bulbs.

4  More signs of Spring

It’s so nice to see plants that are harbingers of Spring, and here are a few from another gardener, taken just this week.

Julie's double hellebore A

Julie's Hebe A

Julie's Helleborus niger AJulie's Primula AJulie's viola A

5   On holiday again!

One of our gardeners has just come back from a well-earned break in Madeira, and here are some images.

Rob's Bougainvillea in Madeira A

Bougainvillea outside the hotel

Rob's Cycad from Monte Place gardens Madeira A

A cycad in the Monte Palace Gardens, Madeira.

Rob's cymbidiums from Monte Place Madeira A

Cymbidiums in the Monte Palace Gardens, Madeira.

Rob's Pyrostegia venusta - probably A

We think this is Pyrostegia venusta, the orange trumpet vine.  It’s definitely singing its own praises!

6  Spring isn’t just for people

Julie's Miguel A 2Julie's Paco A

Bandits by name and bandits by nature, these two pretty kittens are at the stage where the favourite game is to see how fast they can get round the room without touching the floor.  Perhaps they can now work off their excess energy in the garden!

Thanks to the contributors for sharing!

If you, too want to join in with Six on Saturday, go here for instructions – or guidelines, really:




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