Safely Home

A member of one of our groups returned a few days ago from the ends of the Earth – literally, and just in time before the international gates started clanging shut.  So, to remind us that there still are some exotic lands out there, here are some of her images.  These are from Kuala Lumpur.

This is the hotel lobby.

Glynis's Kuala Lumpur hotel lobby orange trees A

A little welcoming treat in the room – dragon fruit

Glynis's Kuala Lumpur hotel room dragon fruit A

Here’s the hotel

Glynis's Kuala Lumpur hotel A

Beautiful building, part of the Museum of Islamic Art

Glynis's Kuala Lumpur A

And a mystery plant!  Does anyone know what this is?

Glynis's mystery A

Thanks for sharing these…

3 thoughts on “Safely Home”

  1. That flower of the last picture is a species of Erythrina, but I do not know which one. To me, it looks like Erythrina crista-galli, but there are several species, and I do not know which ones are popular within the particular region.

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