From the allotment

For one of our gardeners, one allotment is never enough.  :~))

But it isn’t all cabbages and onions.  A well-kept bed of these may certainly be pleasing to the eye, but Saturday’s cheer-up picture from the allotment is more a breath of Spring.

You can surely smell these Hyacinths from here.  Lovely!

Nat's 1 A

There is absolutely nothing like a daffodil to make you feel better!  And here’s a whole bunch.

Nat's 2 A

Thanks to our gardener for a snapshot of her allotment!

For everyone under lockdown, wherever you are, stay safe and stay well.

2 thoughts on “From the allotment”

  1. Yes, hyacinths are perennial here. But, over the years, the flowers do deteriorate, until they’re less like a well-furnished loo brush, and more like a rather chunky bluebell. Do you have English bluebells? Hyacinthoides non-scripta?
    Even though the flower spikes get looser, and with fewer flowers, the delicious fragrance remains. More than once I’ve found a forgotten, elderly, neglected hyacinth by following my nose, so for my money I don’t mind that they aren’t so… tufty.


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