The Easter Bunny

You may remember that, last spring, I bought ten David Austin roses.  You may also remember that, within about a week, they had been eaten more or less to the ground, and what hadn’t been eaten had been stripped of all bark.

The obvious culprit was rabbits, and the poor roses have been caged since then.

And you may remember that I’ve now bought a trail camera.

On its first outing, I removed one of the cages, and the camera never lies.  The following images were taken in just a few seconds.  Don’t take any notice of the date stamp – I don’t know how to change it!

Let’s have a good sniff – gosh, this smells juicy.March 2019 1a


Yummy.  Let’s just press it down with a paw, make it easier to reachMarch 2019 1b


Let’s just get my teeth round thisMarch 2019 1c


Nearly got it!March 2019 1d


There we are – got a nice big piece off.March 2019 1e


Takeaway!March 2019 1f

So, the wretched little beast snaffled a whole branch and made off with it!

*Grumble*  So, the rose cages are staying on for a bit longer.

5 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny”

    1. It does look like a youngster, doesn’t it? A couple of weeks ago, I saw one coming in through the hedge, and it was absolutely humungous! Dog-sized. Fortunately, it spotted me and scarpered. But that one could certainly take down a whole rose bush overnight. *Sigh*.

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      1. I do not know what a youngster looks like. The only species of rabbit here stays very small, so always looks like youngsters. Fortunately, their damage within the landscapes is minimal. They sometimes venture into home gardens for vegetables, but not enough to bother trapping them for. No one cooks with them because they are just so dinky.

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