Pots and pots…

If you’ve got a small garden, mostly concrete, of if you’ve got a paved area that looks a bit bare, there are always pots.

This gardener has sent me images of some of her pots, and they are certainly colourful, and very pleasing to the eye.


Meg's pots 1 A


Meg's pots 2 A


Meg's pots 3 A


Lovely – thanks for sharing!  And the garden is looking good, too.

3 thoughts on “Pots and pots…”

  1. Does the pavement go right up to the wall to the right? I would have put the pots there, so that the pavement is still usable area. At a former home. We potted plants on a portion of the driveway that was unused at the time, but that I knew would be used later on. I dislike potted plants, but I certainly did not want to remove the good concrete. My plants were more utilitarian, so were not as interesting as yours are. A few pretty foliar plants dressed them up nicely. Because I lacked pretty pots, I plugged trailing plants in with the larger potted plants to cover the black vinyl cans. I know it was cheap, but it worked.


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