A Garden View

This has been a lovely weekend – apart from the incarceration – and one of our gardeners has shared views of her garden.  Let’s take a walk down the garden path.


Here’s Fritillaria imperialis ‘Orange Beauty’, just getting its carnival dress on.

Lesley's Fritillaria imperialis Orange Beauty A


Here’s a lovely multi-headed species tulip, Tulipa turkestanica, with a pink Chionodoxa forbesii.

Lesley's Tulipa turkestanica and Chionodoxa forbesii A


No text needed!

Lesley's garden 1 A


The window sill is getting stocked up, too.  Surplus cat litter trays are so useful for windowsill seeds – like our gardener, I use them all the time.

Lesley's indoor garden A


I’ve got a couple more images that came with these, but I’m saving them for a more evil occasion – we have a Nature Table coming up.  :~))


Thanks for showing us around!