Tuesday Treats

It’s time for Tuesday Treats again for the gardening groups, but in the aftermath of Easter, I’ll go easy with the homework.  Probably.

So, here’s this week’s Nature Table.  See what you can name.  I’ll revisit this at the end of the week to put the names in.

Good luck!

The yellow ones, please.

Edited to add – Erythronium ‘Pagoda’.

Glynis's erythroniums A


The yellow one again.

Edited to add : Epimedium – so very good in dark, dry corners.

Hugh's epimedium A


This lovely, and fragrant, (that is a clue!) shrub.

Edited to add: Daphne.  It’s name is unknown to the gardener, but it came from Thompson and Morgan, and it looks like Daphne odorata ‘Eternal Fragrance’, which they’ve been offering for a couple of years.  This is said to flower for most of the summer.  This year is the first time it’s flowered, so perhaps we’ll be able to report back on performance in the months to come.

Julie's daphne A


The purple one and the white one.

Edited to add: Honesty – Lunaria annua, and Lunaria annua alba, valued for their silver-moon seed pods as well as the flowers.

I love Honesty, especially Lunaria annua alba variegate – the white flowered variegated one – but apparently there’s a new variety around called ‘Corfu Blue’.  I think I have to get hold of some of those seeds.

Julie's Honesty A


The yellow, red and pink ones!

Edited to add: Wallflowers!

Julie's wallflowers A


The purple flowers on the left.  Although, Brownie points for the other purple flowers.

Edited to add: Daphne mezereum, which is very, very fragrant, and with very poisonous berries.  The other purple plant is a purple perennial wallflower, probably ‘Bowles’ Mauve’.

Lesley's garden A


The things with the crinkly edges.  Try to be specific.

Edited to add:  Parrot tulip – I didn’t expect anyone to get more specific than that!  I think there may be an update of what it looks like now, which will appear here over the next few days.

By the way, the pink thing is another lovely tulip, not the photographer’s finger!

Rob's Parrot tulip A


So you have 7 Nature Table exhibits there (more than usual, because there’s no other homework).  So, what do you think?

Edited to add:  Well done to everyone who had a go!

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