I don’t really intend to write here about current affairs, or anything so depressing, but before we get to our daily piece of virtual chocolate, I cannot resist giving a few lines to Captain Tom.  For anyone not up to speed (where have you been?) Captain Tom has just reached his 100th birthday.  So what? you ask – people are doing that nowadays.  Well, after a hip operation, Captain Tom was challenged by his family to walk 100 laps of his garden (see?  It is relevant), and perhaps raise £10 per lap for the NHS.  They thought that £1,000 might be a bit of an optimistic target, but Captain Tom set off on his laps.

He has just finished the 100th lap, in time for his 100th birthday, with an honour guard from his old regiment.  And, at the last news bulletin, he’s raised £16,000,000 (yes, I got the noughts right – 16 million) for the NHS.

He may be an accidental hero this week, but he focused the population’s wish to help the NHS, where staff are dying because they are doing their jobs.  I doff my cap, sir.   Keep walking!

Now, our  piece of virtual chocolate…

Some people in the groups have seen this picture this week, but not everyone, and I think it’s worth a second outing.

Glynis's Lucky

Lucky by name, Lucky by nature.  The neighbour of one of our gardeners sadly died recently, and our gardener has adopted her.  Awwww.  You could just reach out and stroke her.

Despite being locked up, it’s all been a little bit frenetic this last few days, and I think I’ve neglected revisiting the last few posts here.  I’ll go back and pick that all up tomorrow.

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