Lost and found


I have never pretended to be computer savvy.  Sometimes these machines turn me into an axe murderer, and I threaten to throw them on the fire back.  Not that I have an open fire anymore, but these things from youth tend to come back in times of stress.

I didn’t threaten to hit it with a hammer today, contenting myself with a faint sigh.  And the matter at hand?  Sometimes, when I’m saving things, they don’t finish up where I think they are.  Today, I’ve found some images that people in my gardening groups have sent for the blog, and they were in the wrong folders.  So I’m going to sneak these lost and founds in as appropriate.  Today’s is what I think is the oldest of them.

It’s appropriate because in these days of lockdown and supermarket shambles, we’ve had traumas and tantrums over empty shelves where toilet rolls and toothpaste ought to be, and sulks over the empty soap racks.

Now, it seems, we’re doing too much baking, and there’s flour frustration.

Therefore, this image takes on a new poignancy.  Mince pies!

One of our gardeners sent in some images of her Christmas cakes, and somehow, the mince pies got side tracked.  In case you’ve forgotten what home baked goods look like, here’s one that was made earlier.  Got the taste buds going, has it?

Glynis's mince pies A