Tulip Time

I have a number of images squirreled away from members of the gardening groups, ready to post here.  Some of them are just single images, some are a group.  But what I have the most of is tulips.  So, I think that this week is Tulip Time.

Here’s the first.

Hugh's fringed tulips

They are fringed tulips, looking as though someone has gone round them with a very fine pair of pinking shears.  ‘Fringed’ is one of the divisions into which the tulips we buy have been classified, but you don’t see them around very often.  They come in a range of colours, and some of them are doubles.

These might be ‘Crystal Star’ -they are the right colour, and flowering at the right time – but I might be wrong on that.

They are lovely, and unusual and interesting.

Why not try some fringed tulips next year?

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