National Gardening Week

I gather there are some standard questions that specialists ask you to check whether you’re still compos mentis.  One of them is ‘What day is it?’  This is a worry, because quite a lot of the time, I have to check the newspaper to see what day it is.  This is particularly so during this lockdown, when one day just overlays all the others, with the only visible difference being what’s on telly.  Although, come to think of it, that’s all pretty samey as well.

This is a long way of saying that National Gardening Week just passed me by.  It was the week just gone.   Sorry.  If I had realised, I would have built the week’s posts around that.

Like a belated birthday card, here’s something.

One of the things that gardeners, like everyone else, are being encouraged to do is to recycle.  Personally, I think gardeners do a lot more of that than many others.  Here are two simple ways of doing it.

1  In the Spring Term, we looked at making paper pots for young plants, and we routinely use strange and alien objects as seed trays and plant pot saucers.  This image is in that theme, and features reused drinks cartons.  In the interests of copyright – it isn’t my picture!  It was in an article published by the Sheffield Newsroom regarding National Gardening Week, so I’m just passing it on.  Don’t sue.

Recycled seed containers

If anyone has tried this, let us know how you got on.


2  If you’ve got seeds or small seedlings in trays, or makeshift pots and boxes, watering can be tricky.  One of our gardeners has sent me this image of her home-made sprinkle bottle – just put some holes in the top of a juice or pop bottle.

Judy's watering bottle


‘Use, reuse and reuse again’ is the mantra, and isn’t that gardeners all over?

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