International Dawn Chorus Day

Did you know it was International Dawn Chorus Day on Sunday 3 May?  No, me neither.  I missed the dawn chorus today, but that is pretty normal for me – I’m an owl, not a lark…  Instead I got the dusk chorus, led by the hauntingly liquid notes of a song thrush.  The blackbirds are pretty good, too.  And then there are all the others that I’m never too sure about once they form a full chorus.

A wonderful aspect of this lockdown is the lack of traffic, which makes bird song so much louder and clearer.

So, even if we missed the actual date, let’s celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day.

I don’t have any images of the dawn chorus, so here’s something else pretty.  One of our gardeners sent me a picture of the cottage garden section of her patch.

Lesley's Cottage Garden A

Coming along nicely!

For all of you who tried Tuesday Treats Nature Table, I’ve edited it now to add identifications.  It’s here:



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