Today’s images are beautiful and striking.  Perhaps no garden should be without at least one.  They are bearded irises.

I have no cultivar names, so let’s let the flowers speak for themselves.

First we have irises that were in this gardener’s garden when they moved in, and they flower in late March and April.  Some of the dwarf bearded irises will flower as early as that, so I think that’s what they are.  And what a cheerful spring sight they are!

Rob a A


The remaining images are from another gardener and another year – they are from a visit to Quarry Bank.

Hugh 1 H Quarry Bank 075_Custom

Hugh 2 H Quarry Bank 085 - Copy_Custom

Hugh 3 H Quarry Bank 077_Custom

Hugh 4 H Quarry Bank 087_Custom

Hugh 5 H Quarry Bank 078_Custom

Hugh 6 H Quarry Bank 080 - Copy_Custom


I think I’m suffering from Iris envy!


3 thoughts on “Irises”

      1. I got banana trees and yuccas from greenwaste too! My Iris pallida came from my great grandmother’s garden though. That is partly why they are my all time favorite. Of course, the color and fragrance help.

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