Spring Blossom

Flowering trees are one of the glories of spring.  Some of them are so full of colourful blossom that they take your breath away.

Two of our gardeners have sent images.

Hugh's Prunus

Here’s a Prunus (exact sort lost in the mists of time – this is a mature tree), positively laden with blossom.


Lesley's Malus brevipes Wedding Bouquet 2 A

And here we have a youngster, just getting started.  It’s Malus brevipes ‘Wedding Bouquet’ AGM.


Lesley's Malus brevipes Wedding Bouquet A

Here’s a close-up.

Malus brevipes is a crab apple closely related to the more well-known Japanese flowering crab Malus x floribunda, and was probably introduced to the UK prior to 1883.  However, it never sold as well as its more famous relative, despite being a very desirable little tree.  So, it seems that, not so long ago, a grower in the UK decided it needed something snappier.  He called it Malus ‘Wedding Bouquet’.  That arbiter of such things in the UK, the RHS, has awarded it an AGM, but still records its selling name as ‘tentatively accepted’.


4 thoughts on “Spring Blossom”

  1. How nice that they are so late. Our flowering cherries bloomed spectacularly, but I was not working at the time, so saw them only a few times. There are no flowering crabapples here yet, there are a few in town. They all seem to be ‘Prairie Fire’ though.

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    1. I’ve had these images for a couple of weeks now – the Prunus a little bit longer. So, it is a little bit out of time. Luckily, I’m in the position of receiving images for the blog from a number of people, but it does mean some sit in my files for a bit.

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      1. That makes more sense.
        I find that, although ours are expected to bloom earlier in our milder climate, that they actually bloom later than some where cooler winters are more conducive to such bloom.


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