Photos from around the groups

I’ve got a cache of images from the gardeners in the gardening groups, and I’ve selected a mixture of pretty things for today from amongst those that have been there longest.  So, while some of these plants may have gone over in your gardens, they remain fresh and alive here.

Double hellebores are always welcome.

Hugh's double hellebore A


Fritillaria imperialis, so eyecatching.

Hugh's Fritillaria imperialis


Narcissus ‘Thalia’

Glynis's triandrus daffodils A


Lovely Narcissus ‘Thalia’ again, with some friends this time.

Glynis's triandrus daffodils 2 A


And finally, there are bargains to be had in this period of lockdown.  A local supermarket was selling these big pots for £5 each, so this gardener snapped a couple up.

Glynis's pot bargains A


And a reminder for the groups – the forecast for Sunday night is a temperature drop of 10 – 15 degrees C, widespread frosts after strong north winds during the day, and possibly wintry showers on higher ground.  This will last until probably Thursday.  Get the tender plants under cover!  Brrrr.

2 thoughts on “Photos from around the groups”

    1. It’s even worse – on Friday it was a very uncharacteristic 25 degrees C, and had been summer temperatures for most of April and May. Now, on Sunday night, it’s 4 degrees C. Even in the greenhouse, the tender seedlings are going to complain to management.

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