A Garden View


One of our gardeners sent me some images of her garden, which were unavoidably delayed in the mail.  Don’t ask.

So, these are Dr Who images – we’ve gone back a couple of weeks!

A pretty Brunnera, and do I see a variegated Fatsia in the top right hand corner?

Meg's Garden 1 A


Looks like a Summer Snowflake in the centre of an attractive planting.

Meg's Garden 2 A


Maybe I should have kept this for the Nature Table…  Behind the Primrose, is that Lathyrus vernus, the Spring Pea?

Meg's Garden 3 A


The birds get a look-in.  :~))

Meg's Garden 4 A


Now, here’s a tale.  Over the winter this gardener told the group the tale of two Trachelospermum jasminoides plants growing within a few feet of each other.  One was thriving, whereas the other didn’t have a leaf to its name.  This is the thriving one.

Meg's Garden 5 A


And this is the one that looked like dead sticks.  Not any more.

Meg's Garden 6 A


Lovely new foliage!  Why the two are acting differently, I don’t know, but this one is clearly happy doing its own thing.

Meg's Garden 8 A


Pieris and an Acer.

Meg's Garden 7 A


Thanks for sharing!