Something from Down Under

Today’s image from one of our gardeners is a plant that grows wild, but definitely not here.  It’s from Down Under.  The Antipodes.  Australia, to you and me.  It grows on the eastern coast, in places like Queensland and New South Wales.  It’s the cut-leaf mint bush, Prostanthera incisa rosea.

Judy's Prostanthera incisa rosea Cut-leaved mint bush A

I was going to put this as one of the Nature Table images, but then I thought that might be too cruel.

It likes sheltered, well-drained, slightly acidic positions, and is hardy down to about -5 degrees C.  In heavy soil, it gets root rot, so no point me asking for a cutting!

It’s a member of the Lamiaceae, and as you would expect, it’s got aromatic foliage.

I know from our gardener that this is at least two years old, and is flowering better now than last year.

It’s certainly a lovely, colourful thing, and not at all easy to come across.