Tuesday Treats

We are back to Tuesday again, and the weather is heating up again.  By midweek, we might be talking about 80 degrees F in old money.  If you have young seedlings, they’ll need shade.

So, what do I have for the Nature Table today?  Let’s find out.  Oh, and the answers to last week’s Nature Table are here:



1  This climber

Edited to add:  Clematis montana, cultivar not known

Hugh's Clematis montana 2 A


2  The blue-flowered plant.  Brownie points if you get the silvery-leaved shrub behind it.

Edited to add: Ajuga reptans Chocolate Chip.  The silvery shrub behind was Senecio greyi, but is now Brachyglottis greyi.  The cultivar is probably ‘Sunshine’, since this is pretty much the only one on sale here.

Lesley's ajuga A


3  The leaves with a reddish flush, and the spotted leaves.

Edited to add: The red-flushed leaves are an epimedium, sort unknown.  These are fantastic plants for dry shade as here, around the trunk of a lime tree. (For those in other climes, this lime tree is in the genus Tilia, not the one with the lovely fruit that you slip into your cocktails, or make Key Lime Pie with.)

The spotted leaves are Pulmonaria, variety unknown, unconnected with the forget-me-not flowers.  Pulmonaria foliage can be anything from plain to spotted to completely silvered.

Lesley's epimedium and pulmonaria A


4  The green-flowered plant in the centre – a bonus for anything else.

Edited to add: The green flowered plant is Euphorbia martini Walburton Red Flush.  We also have two different tulips, forget-me-nots, a bluebell (probably Spanish), golden feverfew and Solomon’s Seal, probably Polygonatum x hybridum.  On the left hand side is Jack-by-the-Hedge, Alliaria petiolaris, the only food plant of the orange tip butterfly.

Lesley's euphorbia A


5  The pink-flowered plant

Edited to add: This is a candelabra primula, Primula japonica ‘Miller’s Crimson’.

Lesley's primula A


6  The dark purple flower

Edited to add: A parrot tulip, and very dramatic, too.

Lesley's tulip A


Good luck!

Edited to add:  Give yourselves a pat on the back for having a go!


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Treats”

  1. Clematis montana ‘Freda’
    Ajuga tenorii ‘Emerald Chip’ (I do not remember the name of the silver foliage. It looks like Croton californicus)
    (Wow, I can not identify either of these.)
    Euphorbia martinii (and Spanish bluebells, Solomon’s seal, forget-me-not, tulip, feverfew, etc.)
    Primula japonica ‘Miller’s Crimson’
    Tulipa ‘Black Parrot’


  2. 1 Clematis montana
    2Ahuja? & Phlomis rusliana
    3 Epimedium & Myosotis
    4 Euphorbia characias wulfenii, Myosotis & Soloman’s Seal
    5 Primula candelabra
    6 Parrot Tulip


  3. Clematis Montana
    Ajuga, Brachyglottis
    Epimedium, Pulmonaria, Myosotis, Hedera helix, Polygonatum
    Euphorbia, Hyacinthoides, Tulipx2, Lunaria,Myosotis
    Primula, Amaryllis belladonna, Myosotis, Astrantia
    Fringed Tulip


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