The Golden Pea

For years I had a golden pea – Lathyrus aureus – which I’d grown from seed.  Then, the rabbits decided they liked it too.  The rest is a dismal story.

After its demise, I tried to grow another one, but all attempts failed.  Then, one of our gardeners in the Gardening class gave me a seedling from their Golden Pea.  She has just asked me if it still survives, and sent me a picture of the parent plant.

Yes it does survive!  And it’s flowering right now.

This is the picture sent to me of its Mum, or Dad, or both…  And a lovely thing it is.


Judy's Lathyrus aureus A

It’s a shrubby, herbaceous plant, not a climber.

Thanks for giving me one of your offspring!  :~))

Presents in the Post


Mail order plants can get a bad press, especially at the moment, when both Royal Mail and private couriers have been overwhelmed by demand from the locked-down population.

One of our gardeners has received a parcel today, and is dancing a jig on her lawn.  I’m not surprised – the plants look lovely.  Here they are:


A box full of Nemesia – and it looks like good, stout packaging.

Julie's Nemesia 1 A


And here they are, unpacked.

Julie's Nemesia 2 A


Super!   I should give a shout out to the supplier (Plants by Post), and no, none of us get any benefits from them.  But if a supplier does well, we should say so.

As an afterword – I’ve had to edit yesterday’s post.  It isn’t a tree stump, after all…