From the Allotment


We haven’t seen the allotment for a little while, and these latest images are a treat.  So, thanks to our gardener there for sending them to me.  Just enjoy.


Nat Rose 1 A


Nat Rose 2 A


Nat Iris 3 A


Nat Iris 4 A


Nat lupins 5 A


Thanks for sharing!

5 thoughts on “From the Allotment”

    1. The owner doesn’t know. I think it might be Iris versicolor, usually grown as a pond plant, but does fine in decent soil. Pacific Coast iris are lovely things, but very unusual here. I grew some from seed once, and they did flower, just once, then rapidly faded away out in the garden.

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      1. Pacific coast iris are not the easiest. The main problem here is they they get watered too much. Ours do very well because they are not irrigated. The flowers do not last long, even at their best. There is a small colony of the native Pacific Coast iris that are the ancestors to the modern cultivars. It is still my favorite of these types, because I remember it growing wild on San Bruno Mountain and Montara Peaks when I was a kid.

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