A Miscellany

Well, May was largely July, weather-wise, with the odd flash of January.  June is now bidding fair to be October, or possibly November.  It’s cold, wet and windy.  We’re never satisfied are we?  We desperately needed the rain, as gardeners – even the reservoirs were shrinking too fast, and we haven’t had enough rain to sort that out.

Ah, well.  Let’s look at something pretty, sent in by our class members.


Hughh's nestling A



Glynis's lettuce A

Some very nice pots of mixed cut-and-come-again lettuce, and what looks like rocket and a few other salady bits and bobs.


Hugh's viburnum

A very pretty Viburnum


Glynis's Rose Frances E Lester A

The rambling rose, Frances E Lester, with many, many buds to come.