A Galaxy of Geraniums


One of our class members has sent me a galactic cluster of geranium images.  All the images are nameless, so I thought we might have a mini Nature Table.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember the wide range of varieties among the hardy geraniums, and here’s a good selection.

How far can you get in trying to pin down which geranium each of these might be?



Glynis's geranium 1 A



Glynis's geranium 2 A



Glynis's geranium 3 A



Glynis's geranium 4 A



Glynis's geranium 5 A



Glynis's geranium 6 A



Glynis's geranium 7 A



Glynis's geranium 8 A



Glynis's geranium 9 A


No garden should be without a hardy geranium – don’t you agree?

4 thoughts on “A Galaxy of Geraniums”

      1. No, the only common sorts are pelargoniums and a few species of geranium that are weeds. Geraniums do well near the coast, but just never became popular here. They do not do so well in the Santa Clara Valley.


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