One thing we do almost every week in the gardening classes (the ones where we meet, rather than any virtual substitute!) is to give spare plants away.  Some weeks we’ll have half the garden in there.

It’s nice to see what became of those plants.  One of our gardeners has sent me a couple of lovely images of her garden, featuring plants that I have given away.


Meg's my lupin astrantia and Diascia personata A

She tells me that the lupins, astrantia and diascia personata were from me.

The lupins were Russell lupins, from Kings Seeds, which germinated and grew very well.  I grew a number of the separate colours, and all have come true.  The diascia is from cuttings – all that is needed with this plant is to chop a few pieces off and stick them in a bottle of water.  Hey presto, lots of little plants!  The astrantia is interesting.  This would have been from self-sown seedlings, and looks like a cross between Astrantia ‘Wattisfield White’, with large white flowers, and Astrantia ‘Gill Richardson’, a very dark red cultivar, which are growing quite close together.

I’m glad they’ve all grown so well.

Meg's garden view A

And a lovely rose behind them.

Thanks for sharing!


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