Looking good now


Here are three images from one gardener of what’s looking good right now.


Geranium ‘Ann Thomson’ AGM

Hugh's Geranium Ann Thomson A

This is a more compact version of Geranium ‘Ann Folkard’, so seems to carry more flowers.  It was an introduction from a garden in the Orkney Islands, so should be up to indifferent weather.  It has a scrambling habit, and one suggestion is to make the most of that by using some birch twig supports to let it show off a little more.


Geum ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ AGM

Hugh's Geum Mrs Bradshaw

Easily grown from seed, this lovely semi-double geum makes a bright splash of scarlet-orange, and will keep flowering if dead-headed.  The seed is often sold as The Two Ladies, including the golden yellow ‘Lady Stratheden’ AGM.


A striking piece of wildflower meadow

Hugh's natural patch

The bees will love this!


Thanks for sharing!