‘Sumer is icumen in’


We’re in the first days of summer – real summer, not the meteorological summer that weather experts keep trying to foist on us.  So, this 800-year-old song seems an appropriate title – it means ‘summer has arrived’, and it has.  The rain is going away again, and temperatures will rise this week.  More watering then….

Here are some summer flowers from our gardeners.


Rose ‘Candy Land’

Nat's Rose Candy Land A

One of our gardeners got this as a half price bargain – and it’s a striking addition.

‘Candy Land’ was bred in the USA by Tom Carruth in 2006.  It’s a climber that can reach about 15 feet, but if pruned hard in spring, can be kept as a large shrub.


Nothing says ‘summer’ like a delphinium and, no offence intended, but I don’t think that anywhere does delphiniums like the English Garden.  Another of our gardeners has sent the following two images of her beautiful blue plants, teamed with some lovely tall campanulas – perhaps C. latifolia, from the look of them.

Meg's delphiniums and campanulas A


Meg's garden view A


And from the same gardener, another herald of summer, a pot full of eye-popping Asiatic lilies.

Meg's Asiatic lily A


Thanks for sharing!

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