A Garden View


Wednesday 15 July is St Swithin’s Day.  Swithin was Bishop of Winchester in the 800’s.  Unlike other senior churchmen, he asked not to be buried in the Cathedral, but outside ‘where the sweet rain of Heaven may fall upon my grave’.

Legend says that, when his remains were moved indoors, there was a great storm, and it rained for many weeks.  After that, the legend grew that, if it rained on St Swithin’s Day, it would rain for 40 days.  If it was fine, it would remain dry for 40 days.

This has never actually come to pass, within a literal interpretation.  However, there is some weather lore here.

The British Isles sit at the conjunction of 4 weather cells, which is why things can be so changeable.  However, by mid-July, the weather pattern for about the next 6 weeks  is generally established.  So, whether it’s rainy and cold, warm and sunny, or simply unpredictably changeable, that is the pattern that is likely to continue.  It’s never guaranteed, though.

Let’s see what Wednesday brings…

These lovely images come from one of our gardeners, and show us some very pretty plants.


Jean 2 1 A


Jean 2 2 A


Jean 2 3 A


Jean 2 4 A


Jean 2 5 A


Jean 2 6 A


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