Tuesday Treats


It’s time for Tuesday Treats again – the answers to last Tuesday’s are here:


This week, I have a single mystery for you.

One of our gardeners reports spreading damage to some of her plants, with no sign of a culprit.  I have some images, although it’s sometimes difficult to take close-ups, and these are a bit out of focus.

The damage is to the main leaf vein, and leaves the leaf broken and withering.   A couple of weeks ago, we had some very serious windy weather – up to 80mph, as I recall, and certainly my Cannas suffered from breakage of the leaves, but that wouldn’t appear to explain this.  The first affected plant was Hydrangea aspera ‘Hot Chocolate’, but I’m told it is spreading to Persicaria and Rodgersia.

Here are the images that I’ve been sent.  All are of the hydrangea:

Lesley's Hydrangea Hot Chocolate A


Lesley's Hydrangea Hot Chocolate 3 A


Lesley's Hydrangea Hot Chocolate 2 A


I think you can see that there is what looks like chewing damage on that midrib, although nowhere else.


Any ideas?

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Treats”

    1. I think that was good for last week’s lot!
      You don’t know the problem, I don’t know the problem, and when it was put to them, the Royal Horticultural Society’s Advisory Service didn’t know the problem. I think we’re exonerated!
      I’ve suggested mice or voles. The gardener has sent more images, including a Rodgersia with a number of chunks missing from a midrib. It looked as though teeth had been involved. Otherwise, I’m clueless…

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