More from Felley Priory


The thing about Felley Priory is that not only is it lovely, and inspirational, but also the staff are cheerful and helpful, the tea shoppe (yes I think it deserves ‘shoppe’) is crowded but the food delicious, and it isn’t far away.  For me, a 20 minute drive.  Clearly, when we are asked to stay close to home, our gardeners like to go there, too.

Here are a few more images – like most images, they came to me unlabelled, except that I know where they came from, so I’ll leave you to just enjoy the pretties, or to have an extra Nature Table to which you may never get the answers.

Hugh's H Felley Priory(28) A


Hugh's H Felley Priory(35) A


Hugh's H Felley Priory(2) A


Hugh's H Felley Priory(5) A


Hugh's H Felley Priory(30) A


Hugh's H Felley Priory(33) A


It’s worth a visit.

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