The Daffodil Path

I’ve got some lovely images from group members for these daily lockdown posts, but I thought that today, I would just take the chance to show you some pictures from my garden, or I won’t get round to doing it!  Here we go.

This is one of the Spring highlights – the Daffodil path.

Jo's Daffodil Path A

It sits at the edge of the orchard, next to the parts of the garden that I’m trying to bring back from something that could hide a whole herd of tigers – you know what I mean!  The upper part is my new rose beds, with more and more anti-rabbit cages appearing.  The bit in the left foreground is the edge of my very new yin/yang bed – so new that it’s still waiting for some plants.

Jo's Spring Garden A

This is Prunus cerasifera, in the front garden.  It’s lost a few main branches in recent years, with storms and snow, and there’s a worrying bracket fungus on the trunk, but it’s magnificent for about 7 days every year.  It’s just gone over now, but there may be fruit in August.

Jo's Cherry Plum A

There’s a handy little seat at the top of the back garden, made from a moribund plum.

Jo's tree seat A

A basket of sheep’s fleece hanging from one of my washing line posts – and yes, the birds are taking it, which is what it’s there for.  Ignore the bricks and the sheeting – there is more work to do!

Jo's fleece basket A

I ordered some bulbs and such from a place that was new to me – an estate in Scotland.  My order included Crinum amoenum, which turns out to be out of stock, but they’ve substituted Crinum powellii.  I think these are bigger than the ones you get in the average garden centre!  They’re enormous, for £2 and some pennies each.

Jo's Crinum powellii A

And, finally, here’s some Nature Table homework for members of the gardening groups (and anyone who wants to join in).  Here are two plants – the picture was taken yesterday – and they are plants that are commonly confused.

What are they?

Jo's White Christmas Cactus Novembro Brasil and white Easter Cactus A

To ease you into this impromptu homework thing, I’ll just say that Christmas meets Easter.  Let me know your answers.

Edited to add: The one on the left is a white Easter cactus, Hatiora gaertneri, cultivar unnamed.  On the right is a Christmas cactus, Schlumbergera ‘Novembro Brazil’.  For the sharp-eyed, ‘Novembro Brazil’ is a single plant in the pot, whereas the Easter cactus is one of about 6 cuttings, mixed Hatiora and Schlumbergera, which is why there are pads of different shapes.  They need repotting, but they’ll have to wait until the garden centres open again and I can buy some potting compost – which may be months.


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