Bareroot perennials

We’re accustomed to going to garden centres and buying our plants already potted up and flourishing, rather than looking at pots of bare earth.  Pots of bare earth tend not to sell well.

However, with half an eye on climate change, there’s something of a move back to the Old Ways.  I’m talking about buying bareroot perennials.  It’s the way a lot of perennials used to be sold, often wrapped in damp newspaper.  Sure, garden centres, and even supermarkets, still offer a few bareroot perennials, in plastic bags with peat or wood shavings to keep them moist.  But, they’re a limited range – usually plants with big fleshy roots like peonies.

One of our gardeners put a toe in the water with a supplier she hadn’t used before – Farmer Gracy.  We all know the feeling.  You open the plastic bag, and all you can see is a handful of dry, dusty compost.  Is there even a plant in there?

Fear not.  Farmer Gracy didn’t disappoint.  After following the instructions (YES.  Follow the instructions), this is what happened.

Astrantia ‘Roma’

Julie's Astrantia Roma from Farmer Gracy A


I’m sure we’ll see some more pictures when they flower, but they’re looking good for now.

3 thoughts on “Bareroot perennials”

  1. The first orange and lemon trees that I knew at my great grandparents’ home were assembled in the garden. During the first autumn, my great grandfather installed the understock for both trees in the garden. The understock dispersed roots and grew for more than a year. Then, a ‘tree surgeon’ came early in the second spring to graft the scions onto them. It took a few years before the trees were productive. Most people do not stay in their homes that long. Even if they do, they would not wait that long for a lemon or orange tree. It is amazing how few people here understand how simple bare root is.

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