Three Pretties


I was running out of images, and now I have a pool of pretties.  Here are three, from one gardener.


Cytisus (Broom)

I’m not sure which one this is – it looks like ‘Lena’ or ‘Goldfinch’.  Whichever, it’s a real pop of colour.

Hugh's Cytisus



It’s been a very good year for alliums – they have enjoyed the hot spring, and some sorts are still going strong.

Hugh's allium 2


Scilla peruviana

You might be forgiven for thinking this bulb comes from Peru.  That certainly seems to have been the belief when it was named in the 16th century.  Its common name is much more accurate – Portuguese squill, because it does, indeed, come from Portugal.  There is a possibility that the confusion arose because the bulbs arrived on a ship called ‘Peru’.  A lovely bulb, well worth looking out for.

Hugh's Scilla peruviana


Thanks for sharing!

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